Xyfen he is an Alaskan wolf, He is smart, playful, adventuress, and he loves to explore new places and try new things. He doesn't like to fight or get into trouble , but he will fight to protect hes family and friends.


Xyfen was always different from the other wolves. He never paid attention when they were learning how to hunt or how to fight to protect the pack, he was always looking around trying to find a new adventure to embark on. Hes father never like that hes son didnt like to hunt or fight so he always force him to do it. On Xyfen's 8 birthday (8 in dog years) hes father told him that when he is 15 the he could choose what he wanted to do, that if he wanted to leave the pack to find another reckless adventure that he wouldn't stop him. When he got 15 he decided to leave a find a new adventure, but what he didn't know that hes "adventure" would change him forever.


Hes a nice, intelligent and quick learning wolf. He loves to play around with hes friends. And loves howl.


Hes tall, furry XD, agile, he has light green eyes, he has white, black and goldenish colored fur.


  • He loves adventures.
  • He loves to play.
  • He has a crush on Kira.

Story's he appears in

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